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The Cannabin

We're on a mission to elevate your smoking experience with a pocket humidor sleek enough to go wherever you go & green enough to not feel guilty wherever it ends up. Control your humidity until you are ready to medicate. Rehydrate dry harsh flower with confidence.

Plastic made from Cannabis..... whats that?

25% Hemp fibers blended with a polypropylene plastic creating the ultimate Co-polymer that is Recycable and also Biodegradable. We do our part to reduce the amout of pllastic used.

Pure V was designed for Cannabis

Made with four ingredients that are Non GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Purified products. Our packaging is recyclable and our Humidity Bead is 100% Biodegradable. We strive to keep optimal humidity for your Cannabis and CBD flower. Rehydrate with confidence and know your product on the go is always ready to smoke.

Check This Out

Our latest and greatest and should have been the first. A new lid that transforms your canning jars into working humidors. Lets you monitor your humidity with a digital hygrometer. Soft durable plastic that seals up tight and yes it does keep the smell in. Keep unwanted humidity from attacking your favorite Cannabis. We have also gave you the same option as the original Cannabin. A large size chamber under the Hygrometer to store your favorite 2-WAY humidity pack. Easy way to burp your jar in a snap during cure for us home or large scale growers. Easy way to always monitor and always be sure where your humidity is at. So where do you store your Cannabis?

USA CBD Expo Chicago 2021

We pushed hard last month to bring our products to the USA CBD Expo in Chicago and finally had the chance to bring our system of products to the industry to show and tell to our story. Met amazing people and found new business opportunities . Thankyou to everyone that helped put it all together. It is amazing that more people want to get involved and our Canna-Bins family is growing everyday. Looking forward to 2022 and what new products and relationships we will create.

Mark Kleinke