How it works

Our patented moisture control chamber molded within the lid of the Cannabin helps you to keep your favorite herbs at optimal hydration levels with nothing more than the simplistic design of nature.
By default, the desiccant should be stored in your CannaBin lid for best results.

For rehydrating harsh herbs :

- Place the provided hydro-stone in water for up to 5 minutes to soak 

- Blot away excess moisture

- Seal the stone in the top of your Cannabin 

There's no right or wrong amount of time for rehydration. You can't rush perfection but thankfully in this case, it moves pretty fast.

Studies show that herbs of all kinds were restored & ready for use within 30 minutes.

Be sure to reseal the provided desiccant into the lid of your Cannabin in order to keep the internal environment regulated.
Distilled water recommended.